3 Non-Religious Reasons To Consider A Private Elementary School For Your Child


While the argument for private schools for religious families has been clear for years, it has often been harder for families that don't attend church on a regular basis to validate their desire for that same quality of education. However, given the well-known issues experienced in recent years with public schools, including the controversial use of sex education classes and the difficulty to understand the application of the common core curriculum, private school has become much more appealing to families who want a higher quality education for their kids. Therefore, when you have young children and you're unsure of the quality of education you can expect from public schools in their area, it's best to be aware of the following information:

#1-The Smaller Classes Can Allow For A Better Inclusion Of Different Educational Methods

Sadly, the big class sizes found in many public schools today have permitted many children to fall through the cracks. Even children without learning disabilities are unlikely to learn as well as they should when they are one of the too many kids in a classroom.  

It's also important to point out that there are multiple types of learning styles.  That, coupled with the fact that it's possible for some kids to learn best utilizing a combination of one or more of those learning styles, means that despite a child's and parent's best efforts, an appropriate education may not always be provided in a public school setting.     

#2-Increased Accountability And Interactions With The Educators And Administrators

Another aspect to consider relates to the increased accountability often provided in private school. Frequently credited to the increased familiarity between teachers and students in smaller classes and the different options for standardized testing in those schools,  many private school parents have reported that they have a better relationship with at least one of their child's teachers. 

That difference might also be attributed to the fact that it is common practice in many private schools for there to be an increased expectation of parental involvement. 

#3-The Availability Of Optional Classes and Groups

As funds for public schools have decreased in recent years, many parents have lamented the lack of art, music and physical education classes. In a private school setting, those classes tend to be more broadly available, often because of the parental expectations of it. In addition, some private schools continue to provide classes devoted to good citizenship, decorum and similar non-academic subjects that are still important to many families.        

In conclusion, private schools provide many benefits besides the religious training they are often associated with. As a result, if you want to be sure that your son or daughter accesses the quality education he or she deserves, it's a good idea to be aware of the above facts.

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2 August 2017

Gleaning The Benefits of Religious School

A few years ago, I realized that my neighbor's kids were much more well-behaved than our kids. Although I was embarrassed to ask, I sat down with my neighbor to find out what her trick was. She told me that she had enrolled her kids at a nearby religious school that had made a big difference. She explained that they focused heavily on family values and personal integrity, which made me want to learn more. After touring the school, I enrolled my own kids and I can't even begin to tell you the difference that it made. Check out this blog to find out more about religious institutions.