Winning At Online College: 3 Changes Every Christian Should Make To Succeed


You're entering a wonderful, one-of-a-kind moment in your life. Making the commitment to study for a degree is a big step and requires some important changes. There are 3 big changes that will ensure your success.

Change #1) You'll need more quiet space.

Students who attend a traditional university are assigned their own space for rest and study, and their college will have additional quiet spots for reading and contemplation. It's very important that you recreate this feature in your own situation. Talk with your family about ways you can have your own desk, computer, printer and quiet time. Younger siblings should be expected to leave your textbooks, computer and writing supplies alone.

You'll enjoy studying more when you have a dedicated space where you may read, watch online lectures and write mid-term papers. Your college "lecture hall" should feel special to you, and you should feel encouraged to spend as much time there as possible to complete your courses. Hang up your favorite Bible verses, inspirational photos and other uplifting wall art to make it an inviting academic haven. Be sure to post a calendar, too, so you'll be reminded of important tests, meetings, and deadlines.

Change #2) You need to step up your creativity and flexibility.

To complete an online degree, you'll have to be dedicated and disciplined. Curiosity and imagination are also traits you'll want to exercise as you work with others to create positive working environments.

If you have a large, boisterous family, or if private space is otherwise impossible to come by in your home, try to locate a few serene spots at your local library, your parish hall, or in a neighbor's home where you and fellow students are allowed to meet and study.

Use ingenuity to create "study halls" for yourself and for your fellow local online students. Which brings us to your most important need:

Change #3) You need to meet and interact with other Christians to complete your education.

One of the benefits of the university experience is networking and sharing memories with like-minded people your age. Your fellow students become your lifelong friends and references. As you pursue your online college studies, take the time to foster similar relationships with other Christian college students in your area.

The online Christian college you attend may have a program to match local students with one another, but if not, you'll find peers by participating in your church's young adult group or by chatting with members of authentic Christian online social media. Arrange to meet for picnics, hikes and other outings after finals and as a way to regularly encourage one another in your spiritual and educational journeys.

Social gatherings and study sessions with other students help you learn how to get along with people in the workplace. They prepare you for the variety of personalities you'll encounter when fulfilling your duties as an adult member of your church and family.


16 June 2015

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